Ecolint's Learner Passport

Today, Ecolint is leading a global conversation around how to better recognise achievement for school leavers. Too many children face the pressure of dropping their passions to focus on narrow academic studies.

The Ecolint Learner Passport is a new approach to recognising achievement, allowing students to showcase the breadth of their passions and competencies across seven UNESCO-IBE core competencies.

We’ve convened The Coalition to Honour All Learning, a federation now comprising over 100,000 students in national, international and independent schools across the world to champion the need for such a fresh approach.

Your support today will accelerate our delivery of the Ecolint Learner Passport Development Programme. It will enable more children, parents and teachers across Ecolint to pilot the passport and benefit from its innovative approach, as well as powering our efforts to advocate for international change.



“Some of the projects that students engage in are so inspirational that we believe they predict future flourishing even more than academic grades. The learner passport gives them an open book and asks them to fill it with who they are, instead of giving them a text with gaps in it and saying, ‘fill in the gaps, and I’ll judge who you are’. It is a real paradigm shift and a social revolution that we are talking about.” Conrad Hughes



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