The Ecolint Scholarship Programme

Every human is born equal

“Respect is a way of life at this school. People respect the beliefs and decisions of others. People discuss their thoughts and preferences without judgment.” Ecolint scholar 

At Ecolint, the equal value of every human being is embedded in our charter. But while every child is born equal, not all have equal access to opportunity. 

The Ecolint Scholarship Programme is a beacon of hope, creating pathways for young individuals to access a world-class education at the school. Scholarships enable young people with exceptional potential to benefit from a life-changing Ecolint education previously out of reach. In return, our community is enriched immeasurably by their spirit and perspectives. 

In the School's DNA

The first scholarships were offered to fifteen students in 1929, thanks to donations from the Forestall and Rockefeller families. 

These students undoubtedly benefited from the innovative and visionary educational experience Ecolint had to offer, but they also enriched the school immeasurably, with positive repercussions that are still felt to this day.

A legacy of giving

In recent years, our community has helped us to reaffirm our commitment to inclusion by supporting the relaunch of a formal scholarship programme. Since 2018, the collective generosity of nearly 350 individuals, foundations and companies has raised over CHF 1.9 million to help us welcome 13 new scholars to Ecolint. Arriving from countries including Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria and Ukraine, many have already lived through major hardship and painful realities.

Our ambition is to give the gift of an Ecolint education to 15 young people at any time - an ambition we hope to reach in 2024/25 through the generosity of our community

By contributing to the Ecolint Scholarship Programme, you are not only changing someone’s life but also creating a better future for all, providing access to education, contributing to inclusion and diversity and ensuring that the values of Ecolint are carried forward for generations to come.

Who benefits from the Scholarship programme?

The Ecolint Scholarship Programme is tailored for students with promise and potential, but whose background and situation means they do not have the financial means to attend. Our focus is on young people entering Year 10,11 and 12 who share Ecolint’s values and demonstrate academic commitment and passion beyond the classroom. Read here for further details on the application process. 

Diversity helps us understand, respect and value different voices and viewpoints. It is critical to helping today’s young people pave a positive path through a complex, unequal and fragmented world. By opening our doors to more students from difficult realities and backgrounds, the whole community benefits. 

“He is very charismatic and carries a strong and positive aura. He is making great efforts and contributes to a positive atmosphere in the classroom.” Teacher

A community of support

For each scholar to flourish at Ecolint, we draw on the collective support of our whole school community. Our donors for generously contributing funds, teachers for their dedication, and our scholarship recipients for the strength and curiosity with which they embark on their journey with us. Everyone contributes to the success of the programme, in an environment enabling them to thrive.

It’s not always easy to arrive at Ecolint. Many are fleeing a place of conflict, uncertainty and trauma and face additional language and accessibility barriers.

Ecolint’s multi-cultural environment and student-centred education is a critical factor in helping scholars settle in. We offer expertise and flexibility to meet the distinct needs of each scholar. This includes a tailored programme of bespoke support, language courses, mentoring, constant monitoring and psychological care. 

We must also make sure our environment enables them to thrive. Only in a culture of openness, kindness and belonging can we all truly reach our potential. Our ambition is that all our students - but particularly our scholars - can flourish in a community that welcomes, values and celebrates them. 

Together, we are creating an environment where everyone can flourish at Ecolint.

One scholar’s story

“I didn’t really settle at school before Ecolint. I never found a place where I felt respected or where I belonged, and valued for expressing my opinion. At Ecolint that all changed. It was like crossing into an incredible world. For the first time in my life I felt comfortable in the classroom – welcomed, respected, challenged and safe. The teachers were the best I’d had in my life and worked in friendly partnership with me to give me the tools to turn my skills into talents.

“There’s no doubt Ecolint shaped me into who I am today – becoming more confident in myself, unlocking my talent for debate and challenge that has shaped my ambitions to study all across the world to develop a career in international relations, law and politics. The quality of education I gained at Ecolint made my first years at university so much easier and I can draw on a depth of knowledge and perspective about the world that few of my peers have benefitted from.

“The philosophy at Ecolint is that everyone is accepted and everyone can be themselves. The environment creates positivity and that’s infectious – when you see people smile, it makes you smile too.

scholar story illustration

“The friends I made at Ecolint are like my family and we all help each other to reach our goals. That’s what Ecolint is about, and those values of networks continue way beyond graduation. I know there are always people to call on and I can offer my networks to them too.

“It’s hard to express the depth of gratitude I have towards the people who funded my scholarship, and who generously offered the funding to Ecolint. The recognition of this valuable gesture and gratitude come from my heart. It is the huge action with the consequences affecting my life enormously. I want people to know how much my life changed through their contribution and how much they can change the paths of other kid’s lives too.

“It’s my ambition to be able to help in the same way in years to come. Knowing the difference it can make, if I could give a gift so meaningful to another child, I’d do it without hesitation.”



The gift of education

Scholarship funding is made possible through your generosity. Your donations help to support fees, exam costs, equipment, extracurricular activities and food and transport for those with the greatest need. 

“The generosity of the school towards disadvantaged pupils is a source of joy and inspiration for us teachers and for our students. It has a positive impact on the school community." Teacher

Thanks to you, many more students can receive the gift of opportunity at Ecolint - to realise their potential, become tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders, and create a more just and joyful future for all. 

Thank you to the many members of the Ecolint community who have contributed to this programme, and to those who will in the future.

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