Meet our donors

Philanthropic gifts tell stories. They are shaped by each donor to reflect personal experiences, beliefs and dreams. Those gifts ignite change.

"Our motivation for giving is that Ecolint has always been and continues to be precious for the education of our children. Ecolint has been an incredible help in the development of my daughter. Its traditional and continued openness and its willingness to try new approaches has really made a huge difference for her. We are convinced that Ecolint is a unique institution truly devoted to helping all children, in a very inclusive way. For these reasons, we are happy to help as much as we can.”

Parent, La Grande Boissière

"I was so fortunate to benefit from spending just the final couple of years of my education at Châtaigneraie: the effect on the direction and shape of my life was profound. The small donation we can make, on its own, would not make much difference, but we know that, multiplied by the many of the Ecolint community in the same position, it can help.”

Alumna, La Châtaigneraie, Classe of 2004

"Having an active culture of philanthropy at Ecolint is important as it shows that any gesture - big or small - can benefit our community, linking directly to the agency we are developing in our students and the lesson that even small actions can benefit the community."

Administrator, Campus des Nations

"Education has never been more dynamic than today, as the world is changing at an amazing rate, especially for our students. I believe this offers opportunities for constant innovation in our schools and I feel committed to contribute to that, both by making a donation to the school and in my daily work."

Teacher, La Châtaigneraie

"My children benefited from the generous support of the Bursary Committee when we had a short-term financial crisis and I'll be forever grateful.  It would have broken my heart to have to tell them that we would have to take them out of Ecolint. Your gift can save another mother or father from that scenario.”

Parent of an Alumna, La Grande Boissière