A new Sports Centre for La Grande Boissière

Designed for 21st century needs, this new gymnasium will support our students’ growing interest in our athletics programme and make sports more accessible within our community.

The facility will also strengthen Geneva’s capacity to hold international events and competitions. Discover the main features and amenities of the new Sports Centre below.

Versatile and specialised gymnasiums

• Five multipurpose gyms

• A fitness room

• A room dedicated to the activities of the Extended Support Programme

• A gym dedicated to the Primary school and wellness activities, convertible into an exam facility

LGB Sports Centre


LGB Sports Centre

New amenities for community members

• Spaces to work (co-working space plus four new classrooms)

• A gymnastics studio

• Spaces for relaxing (lobby space/cafeteria/shop), for well-being (fitness room) and for Extended Support Programme students

A space for major sporting events and extracurricular activities

• Gyms with fixed and removable stands

• Eighteen changing rooms in total (vs. four currently)

• Referee and staff changing rooms

LGB Sports Centre
LGB Sports Centre

A meticulously planned design

• Design ensures several areas can operate independently

• Ability to accommodate several simultaneous events and activities

• Building integrates seamlessly into the landscape, alongside the Centre des arts


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