La Ferme II

La Ferme II is a project to build a multifunctional space that will provide all members of the community with direct access to key spaces such as a state-of-the-art gymnasium, an auditorium, music rehearsal rooms, the book room, the transport office, the IT help desk and the campus infirmary.

It will also house a new, expanded cafeteria that is expected to resolve timetable issues in addition to creating a more inviting atmosphere to socialise and practise mindfulness around mealtimes.

The construction of La Ferme II is slated to begin in the summer of 2022, with an expected project time of two years. Your contribution will support our commitment to putting our students’ well-being first. Discover the main features of the La Ferme II below.

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Cafeteria and open spaces

• Seating area for 650 students on two levels

• New outside spaces for students to eat, play and relax

• Access to green space, outside seating, river and passerelle

Sports hall and auditorium

• New sports hall, dance studio and dojo

• Multi-purpose sports hall with retractable seating, where assemblies and graduation may take place

• Extra open space above the sports hall to welcome additional spectators

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Music practise rooms

• Two rehearsal spaces (20 - 30sqm each)

• Four music studios (10 - 15sqm each)

• Rooms equipped with musical instruments



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