The Ecolint Scholarship Programme

The Ecolint Scholarship Programme is for students who have experienced hardship and come from backgrounds not represented at Ecolint today. These scholars show exceptional promise and have demonstrated qualities that would enrich the school. The Ecolint Scholarship Programme will give students the international outlook and qualifications to enable them to continue studying and live as international citizens wherever they choose to settle.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, Ecolint had the privilege of welcoming five students in 2019, as part of its revived scholarship programme.

The first scholarships were offered to fifteen students to allow them to study at Ecolint in 1929. These original scholarship students undoubtedly benefited from the novel and visionary educational experience Ecolint had to offer, but they also enriched the school immeasurably, with positive repercussions that are still felt to this day.

Ninety years later, the Ecolint Foundation decided to launch a call to action to benefactors asking to reactivate the path set in 1929 by the Forstall and Rockefeller families, thereby re-establishing a bespoke scholarship programme for students who would otherwise not have the means to attend Ecolint. That is how Ecolint came to open its doors to five new scholars in 2019. Originally from Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Switzerland and Syria, their journey to Ecolint had been marked by major hardship and painful realities: war, mourning, exile and uprooting.

To sustain and develop this programme, we rely on the generosity of our school community and the support of our partners. Together, we can advance the journey of these students by giving them the opportunity to pursue their goals and contribute to a more joyful, peaceful and fair world. Join us!

Not only has this granted me access to Ecolint’s high level of education, it has also allowed me to get back on track with my studies, reopening doors I saw closing. But this school is so much more than an exceptional curriculum, or a beautiful campus. It is a community of students and teachers supporting each other in ways that allow us to grow into better people, for a better future.”

L.P., scholar


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